Preparing for Your Visit

Bring a valid form of ID

Bring a Valid form of ID with you such as Texas or State ID and or Drivers License.

Wear comfortable clothes

It is important you do NOT wear restrictive or clothes too tight when attending for your visit or therapy.

Bring your reading glasses if needed

If you need reading glasses, please be sure to bring them, as you may need to fill out a couple filing forms before beginning.

Avoid Restrictive or Tight Clothing

If you have injuries to your extremities such as bruises, cuts, or abrasions, wear clothes that would allow us to examine those areas

Expect to be in the clinic up to 2 hours during your first visit to fill the intake forms and allow the health care provider to complete the evaluation

Sometimes visits can take up to 2 hours depending on whether or not all the filing information has been complete on the customers side, or depending on the length of therapy or treatments.

List any Medications and or Supplements

Be ready with a list of medications you are currently taking; including any over the counter medications and supplements

Bring a list of the areas you feel may be injured

If it is a list of suspected injuries, please bring a list of them. If it's just one, please be ready to identify it.

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